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Mansfield Town Community Trust visits Sutton Community Academy on World Book Day

For a second year in a row, Mansfield Town Community Trust visited Sutton Community Academy this morning to take part in their World Book Day activities. Coaches from the Trust saw groups throughout the morning, who were all given their free World Book Day book thanks to the National Literacy Trust. Coaches sat with the pupils, talking to them about the importance of literacy in the work place, for example, what it's like to work for a football club.

Pupils were given the chance to read in groups, with the Community Trust coaches helping with their reading, and answering any questions they had for them. Community Manager Gary Shaw was delighted for the club to be involved in World Book Day once again. “World Book Day is one of my personal favourite times of the year. Every year we get the chance to take part and get involved in a school day. Teaching and spreading the importance of literacy and reading throughout football”

He continued, “We love seeing the excitement of the pupils with a club getting involved, every pupil was engaging with our coaches and asking questions based on different roles in our organisation.”

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