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Mansfield Town Community Trust seeks community support!

Mansfield Town Community Trust are seeking the communities support through to January, after a successful application for the Stronger Starts Tesco grant. Shoppers have the chance to vote using blue tokens for their chosen charity, with Mansfield Town Community Trust being one of them. Through this grant, the Trust are looking to invest in a inflatable Dartboard. A transformative piece of equipment that will revolutionise our provision across multiple projects while ensuring equal accessibility for all.

The Dartboard the Trust are looking to invest in

Through the Dartboard, we will introduce an innovative Maths Intervention program in local schools. By integrating physical activity into numeracy lessons, we can create an engaging and interactive learning experience. This unique approach will not only enhance students' understanding of mathematical concepts but also make the subject more enjoyable and relatable.

Participants with learning disabilities and difficulties will greatly benefit from the Dartboard. The inclusive nature of this equipment provides a safe and enjoyable outlet for physical activity, fostering improved mental health and overall wellbeing. Engaging in fun and social interactions, individuals will develop resilience, confidence, and a sense of belonging.

Our Saturday Club, School Holiday Club, and HAF programmes cater to children aged 5-13. By incorporating the Dartboard into these activities, we offer an exciting and multifaceted experience. This inclusive fusion of football, darts, and mathematics will captivate young minds, promoting physical fitness, cognitive development, and social bonding among participants.

The Dartboard will extend our reach to special events such as School Summer Fairs and Family Fun Days. Our commitment to equal accessibility is particularly crucial for those in deprived areas who may face limited opportunities for engaging activities. To maximise the impact of the Dartboard, we plan to integrate it with our existing specialist inflatables, including football pitch and speed cage. This combined experience will create an unforgettable and enriching journey for our participants, enhancing

their overall engagement and enjoyment.

Banners displayed at Tesco

We will be appearing at selected Tesco's across the Mansfield area, from now until January doing promo work, awareness and hopefully securing the public blue counter vote. Please do not hesitate to come over and have a chat with one of our colleagues when they're in your store! We will have flyers to promote all of our activities as well. Your support will empower individuals from diverse demographics to experience the joy and benefits of this unique activity. Together, we can create an inclusive community where learning, fun, and equal opportunities thrive. Your contribution will make a lasting impact on the community.

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