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Mansfield Town Community Trust hosts PL Kicks U16s Girls Festival

On Friday 8th March 2024, Mansfield Town Community Trust hosted a Premier League Kicks U16s Girls Festival, alongside Mansfield Town Ladies team players, staff and Her Game Too ambassadors. As a collective, we wanted to encourage more girls to get involved with Mansfield Town, in particularly, Mansfield Town Community Trust's PL Kicks programme. 32 girls attended the evenings festival, coached by the ladies team players and staff, with some competitive but highly spirited football on display!

The aim of the Premier League Kicks programme is to give young people in Mansfield the chance to take part in football sessions when they may have not had the chance to prior to the sessions. PL Kicks participants can represent Mansfield Town at various tournaments up and down the country throughout the year.

Head of Education Ben Cocker and Lead Tutor Melissa Styles were also present at the event, promoting the Community Trust's highly successful Post-16 programme, which encourages both male and female applications. To those interested and want to find out more information, please take a look here or email

We'd like to send a thank you to everyone who was involved and attended the festival. We believe all can agree on the huge success of the evening, celebrating International Women's Day and the Her Game Too dedicated fixture taking place on the 9th March 2024.

Thank you to Monica Bowley, Maia Taylor, Grace Shipman, Chris Lockwood and Steven Bowley who were the coaches for the teams!

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