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Mansfield Town Community Trust deliver books to Greenwood Primary School as part of EFL Together campaign

Mansfield Town Community Trust has donated books promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion to Greenwood Primary School as part of the EFL Together campaign. The EFL has donated over 2,000 books to clubs across England and Wales for local primary schools, aimed at promoting education and inclusivity. The titles have been carefully curated to include a wide range of titles which represent different cultures, backgrounds and perspective. By promoting diversity in literature, the EFL hope to inspire understanding, empathy, and a sense of unity among the young minds in the community.

Greenwood Primary School were the lucky recipients of the books. The school were chosen in celebration of their brand new library in the school. Premier League Primary Stars coordinator Remi Luke dropped off the books in the school to add to their growing collection, and we hope the children enjoy reading the new stories that EFL have generously provided, sharing key messages of EDI across our community.

"It's a great initiative by the EFL to provide these books to the young children. It's always good to encourage young minds to read, but it is also important to spread important messages through learning."

Remi added: "There was a real excitement for us to come into today and deliver the books, and you could already see certain topics and covers really came to the attention of the pupils."

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