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Enlighten The Shadows designated match day for game against Crewe

On Saturday 6th January, 2024 we’re delighted to announce that we will be celebrating Enlighten The Shadows as the designated match day, a local organisation dedicated to addressing men's mental health issues. Through the Trust’s partnership with Enlighten The Shadows, they have established a new avenue to reach out to men who might be silently struggling with their mental well-being. Members from Bottled Up Blokes and Sands United will also be present at the game, feel free to stop them for a chat!

One such initiative with this partnership is the 'Come for a Kick About?' session, inviting men aged 18 and above to participate in football activities free of charge. What started as a small gathering has blossomed into a thriving community of at least 15+ participants. This initiative not only promotes physical activity through football but also provides a safe and relaxed environment for participants to engage in conversations about mental health. This supportive environment encourages individuals to open up about their struggles, fostering a sense of camaraderie and understanding among participants.

Health and Wellbeing Officer Mike Kasinowicz has been working closely with ETS for the past few months “The work with Rory and ETS team has been brilliant. We've managed to set up football & chat sessions, which have become safe and non-judgmental place for men of different ages, abilities, stories, and experiences where they all can enjoy football and chat in relaxed atmosphere. That was possible due to the genuine passion the ETS team has towards helping people.”

Rory Green, ETS founder had the following to say: “Having Enlighten The Shadows covered by Mansfield Town Football Club is an utter honour. Our heart is to support as many men with their mental health, (especially those blokes suffering in silence). We’ve built a brilliant football group, ‘Come For a Kick About,’ with the Mansfield Town Community Trust and seen some life changing encounters. Thank you Mansfield Town Football Club. Our mission continues to save lives. Remember fellas, you’re not alone.”

Furthermore, the team at ETS have kindly donated two framed shirts to the Trust and Football Club, which will be presented just before Kick-Off!

Visit their website via the link below to see more of what they do!

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