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Community Trust Sports College Hosts an Exciting 'Keeping Warm' Event

Last Friday, we had an exciting event at our Community Trust Sports College! We hosted a special 'Keeping Warm' session, which was a fantastic opportunity to introduce our new cohort for September 2024 to the vibrant spirit of our community and engage with our current Year 12 students.

The session was expertly led by Remi Luke, who brought boundless energy and enthusiasm to the event. Remi guided the students through a series of invigorating training drills, ensuring everyone was actively involved and having a great time. The drills were designed not only to keep everyone warm but also to foster teamwork and camaraderie among the students.

To cap off the session, we organised a friendly competition where students put their newly learned skills to the test. The friendly rivalry and supportive cheers from peers created an atmosphere of excitement and unity. It was a joy to see everyone participate with such enthusiasm and sportsmanship.

We're thrilled to welcome our new cohort and look forward to many more activities and events as we build a strong, supportive, and dynamic community together. Many thanks to Lewis and Luke with the help of the session, who are coming on as our new apprentices for 2024!.

We're still taking on applications and you can find our Education Prospectus below:

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