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'Come for a Kick About?' continues at Oak Tree Leisure Centre

Participants, CT staff and ETS staff join for a photo
Participants, CT staff and ETS staff join for a photo

Last night marked another heartwarming gathering as Mansfield Town Community Trust and Enlighten the Shadows jointly hosted their second 'Come for a Kick About?' session at Oak Tree Leisure Centre. This session, born not long ago, has been a source of immense excitement as we witness its remarkable growth in just a few short weeks.

Enlighten The Shadows is a local men's mental health group on a mission to combat male suicide, particularly by reaching out to men who may silently struggle with their mental well-being. Shockingly, 12 men lose their lives to suicide every day, and Enlighten The Shadows is determined to put an end to this tragic statistic through meaningful partnerships like the one we share.

While this session is dedicated to addressing men's mental health, our broader aim is to create a welcoming and peaceful environment where men of all footballing abilities can come together for a free kick-around. Engaging in a game of football not only provides a fantastic outlet for improving mental health but also promotes physical activity.

At the conclusion of our footballing session, there is ample time for group discussions, one-on-one conversations, or simply listening to the stories shared by others in the group. We believe that sharing and connecting are powerful tools in the journey to mental well-being.

During last night's session, coaches and participants came together for a spirited game of football, filling the air with laughter and fostering valuable physical exercise. What touched us deeply was that our participants already felt this space was a safe haven to open up and share their stories—a testament to the supportive atmosphere we aim to nurture.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who participated, for your presence and your willingness to connect and make a difference. Together, we're forging a path towards improved mental health, one kick at a time.

Our next session will take place on the 2nd October and we hope to see some new faces as well as recurring! To book on, simply following this link:

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