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Aspire Mentoring Programme

On Friday 8th March, our mentors hosted a kick about and chat session for mentees from Samworth Church Academy. The day consisted of football sessions with our mentors on our 3G pitch, followed by a group discussion with their designated mentors inside the stadium. The Aspire Mentoring Programme targets secondary school students who may require group mentoring or 1-1 mentoring sessions with trained mentors from the Community Trust.

Attendance increase is prevalent in school and alternative provision, which is one of the metrics we as a Trust have agreed with the secondary school, we will monitor pre and post programme.

To conclude our 8 week Aspire Mentoring Programme at Samworth Church Academy, we visited our mentees today to reward them with our certificates for participating in the programme we have been running with them for the Spring 2 term.

Pre and Post questionnaires were completed and the results showed that through our programme the mentees have improved their scores in multiple areas such as less anxieties around attending school, general happiness in education and importantly attendance improvement across the programme.

Here are a few quotes from some of our Mentees.

"During our sessions I have started to think how communication with adults in school can help me display my emotions and further actions"

"I really enjoyed the kick about and chat session it allowed me to show my interests with my peers and teachers in a different learning environment"

"Using social skills that I have picked up over the last 8 weeks I have been able to access and enjoy mainstream school lessons I haven't been able to in the past"

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