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Mansfield Town Community Trust are dedicated towards Health & Wellbeing, with a number of different activities and programmes on offer to the Community. Walking Football and Active Minds have been two long standing activities on offer, with more activities being made available on the regular.


Free | Fridays | 9:30am - 11:30am


Active Minds participant

Active Minds: Chat

The sessions take place at the One Call Stadium. The sessions are indoors and involve a range of activities designed to improve cognitive behaviours, stimulate memories, improve mental health, build friendship and much more.

Active Minds: Sport

Active Minds ‘Sport’ is for those living with mental health conditions, learning difficulties & disabilities. The session is a more active outdoor session taking place on the 3G Pitch involving a range of coaching activities and matches, designed to improve confidence and fitness as well as mental well-being. This session runs along side Active Minds: Chat.

Health and Wellbeing officer delivering Active Minds

Mansfield Town Community Trust take great pride in supporting Mental Health & Wellbeing, Dementia Care and social well-being – with our weekly FREE activity, Active Minds. Split into two strands, Active Minds focuses on providing a safe and secure environment for those living with Mental Health issues, Dementia or facing Social Isolation to come together and unite through the power of sport – improving their health and social well-being. There is no need to book on either session, there is just a small piece of paperwork to fill out on arrival. Active Minds sessions are NOT ON during School Holidays.


Health & Wellbeing Officer

Men's Mental Health Group

Alex Cartwright

Walking Football

For more information, please get in touch with one of the following staff members who will be able assist you further. All Active Minds sessions are ran by our Health & Wellbeing Officer Mike, please get in touch for information regarding these activities.


For information regarding upcoming fixtures for our Men's Walking Football group, please get in touch with Alan.

Mental Health Training

Lee Morris

Mansfield Town Community Trust is dedicated to promoting awareness and destigmatising conversations surrounding Mental Health. As a part of this ongoing commitment, we are providing Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training facilitated by certified instructors. 

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