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Community partners is a way for local businesses in and around Mansfield to support, sponsor and work with Mansfield Town Community Trust. This will give businesses, not only the opportunity to support us as a charity but engage with the wider community.  ​ This initiative gives businesses and local companies key sponsorship opportunities and promotes their brand through our work and activities. Support from businesses in the form of providing services, loaning equipment and more can help us redirect costs towards providing better opportunities through investment in our projects and programmes. Our staff can work with you to provide and support opportunities to work with your business and vice versa. Collaboration is one of our core values and is seen to strengthen and support the work we do with people in our community.   ​ There are many ways to support us with our programmes and projects, which could include sponsoring one of our community competitions. Having local businesses on board will engage us more with the community and provide more opportunities to the people of Mansfield and the surrounding area. We can also support your business with your own fundraising.   ​ Get in touch:


Sponsorship can come in many ways here at Mansfield Town Community Trust. This can be through supporting financially with projects, competitions, community playing kits & more! 

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